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Posted: 27/01/16

Students reach into virtual reality to inspire work

Degree-level students immersed themselves in a virtual reality situation last week in the name of creating exciting advertisement concepts.

Iain Swales from Linney Design showed students the virtual reality technology

Iain Swales, a virtual reality expert from Mansfield-based company Linney Design, visited students on the BA Creative Digital Media and HND Interactive Media courses to demonstrate the latest in virtual reality technology.

He discussed the development of virtual reality concepts used in advertising and design and gave students the opportunity to experience the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, to assist them in their class project exploring virtual and augmented realities.

The Rift has built in headphones to give 3D audio and has been described as the first professional PC-based VR headset. Students had the chance to wear the headset to experience a 3D environment to inspire their future digital media projects.

Students also learnt more from Ian about the concept of producing disruptive architecture. This is a form of retail advertising which encourages the customer to interact with it. The HND students have been given 13 weeks to create a piece of disruptive architecture, in the form of a retail stand. 

Their task is to choose a boxed toy and then create a stand that will encourage the buyer to stop and interact with the display.  They will also learn about a new piece of software called Unreal, typically a games design tool that is becoming popular in the 3D design industry. 

When the students are at the design part of the project, a blog will be created for them to upload their design ideas to, so the client can give feedback as the students are designing.

Tutor Anthony Hall said: “A large part of the work we do with our students looks at enhancing their employability skills. We work with high-profile companies to provide real, time-sensitive projects with deadlines.

“So far our classes have worked well on projects and we always seek feedback from the clients. This helps us to improve our courses so that we are meeting the needs of the current design industry.

“Using virtual reality within project work helps give the learners the best opportunities to incorporate the very latest in technology into their learning.”