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Posted: 11/06/08

Water Sports in the Ard├ęche

Students on the second year of the Foundation Degree course in Management and Outdoor Activities have recently returned from a very active break in the Ardéche. (31 Mar – 13 Apr).

The 12 students camped out in the Massif Central area which is right at the heart of France. This vast mountainous region was formed by massive volcanic upheaval and erosion by wind and water and proved ideal surroundings for their water sports.

The trip which was arranged by the students themselves as part of their studies, involved a lot of preparation beforehand. Tutor Rob Benton explains, “The students all worked really hard in getting the funds together to be able to go. They held raffles and did a number of sponsored events to get the cash rolling in. They then took great time and effort with arranging the travel and everything associated with visiting abroad. This all paid off and we all had a very successful trip indeed.”

Students took part in a wide range of wild activities on the trip to the Central Massif such as swift water rescue, paddling down the many different rivers and kayaking all of which are aspects of the course itself.

Tutor Rob and water sports company Fluid Skills assessed the students on their water based skills throughout.

Student Jess Wallett who went on the trip said, “It was a really fabulous trip. I enjoyed arranging it with my student colleagues and we got a terrific buzz on the white water events and learnt some important white water safety