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Posted: 26/06/15

National reading challenge inspires students

More than a hundred students at West Nottinghamshire College have been feeding their imaginations after getting involved in a national book reading campaign.

Foundation studies learners with their tutors collect their Six Book Challenge certificates from LRC advisor Claire Barke

The Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge – now in its ninth year – encourages less confident adult readers to get into reading, develop a reading for pleasure habit and improve their skills.

Yesterday (25 June) students from the college’s foundation studies programmes celebrated reading 336 books during this year’s challenge which was launched by the college’s learning resource centre.

With this year’s official message of ‘Read anything. Read anywhere’, students at the college chose a wide range of book types to read.

Student Kayleigh Johnson, 26, said: “I’ve read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, some murder mystery books, autobiographies and some of the harder reads. I love reading and it’s given me a taste for reading more.”

Curriculum manager for foundation studies Yvonne Jackson said: “In this era of electronic books, it’s great to see so many people participating in the Six Book Challenge and enjoying reading real books.

“Everyone should be proud of taking part in this challenge and I hope it has given them a new-found appetite for reading books they wouldn’t normally consider reading and thank you to our wonderful learning resource staff for helping our students with their book choices.”