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Posted: 22/05/15

Students inspired by entrepreneur who went from nothing to everything

An award-winning entrepreneur who began his early career working from a shed starting with just £2, shared his success story and business ethic with students at West Nottinghamshire College this week.

  • Engineering student Joe Wright shows off his final project to Rami Ranger MBE and Dame Asha Khemka
  • Students took away inspirational and thought provoking advice from the sucessful entrepreneur and philanthropist

Rami Ranger, MBE, visited students at the Derby Road campus on Wednesday (20 May) as well as seeing the facilities at its Engineering Innovation Centre and the Construction Centre in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

Mr Ranger began his life in India, living in a refugee camp with his mother and seven siblings after his father was assassinated. He moved to the UK in the 1970s and worked his way up from a range of jobs including a car washer and serving in a fast food restaurant to his position today as chief executive of two of the UK’s fastest-growing companies – Sun Mark and Sea, Air & Land Forwarding.

Accompanied by principal and chief executive Dame Asha Khemka, he met university-level students at the college’s Engineering Innovation Centre during their 'Engineering Showcase’. Students presented their final-year projects – ranging from new product designs to innovative solutions that could be implemented in the workplace – to their employers and tutors.

Most are in full-time employment and have attended college on day-release after being sponsored by their employer.

Joe Wright, who is studying the HNC Electronic and Electrical Engineering course, showed Mr Ranger the project which has seen him designing and managing the installation for the external lighting throughout the Center Parcs’ Woburn project.

Joe said: “It’s been good to share our projects amongst colleagues and employers. I met people from other groups and it’s good to share knowledge with younger students and show them what kind of jobs they can do when they leave college. I’ll soon be completing this HNC and this industry-recognised qualification will help me progress my future career.”

Mr Ranger also delivered an inspirational speech about his journey from India to the UK and how he has become the success he is today at the helm of the only company ever to have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for five years running.

Students were able to ask him questions about how he has survived and thrived in business markets such as international marketing and distribution, shipping and beverage manufacturing.

Mr Ranger, who has written a biography called From Nothing To Everything, said: “My visit here has been a real eye-opener. I had no idea the college offered so many different courses in a vast range of areas.

“I’m glad I came to visit and I’d love to come back and sample the restaurant and spa as these are very much top industry-standard.

“The students I’ve met at West Nottinghamshire College appear to be very committed and are working diligently. My advice to them is that everything becomes easier when you know how, keep confident throughout your studies, keep practicing your art and work hard at it and you’ll reap the rewards.”