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Posted: 08/05/15

Facing the future at West Notts

Performing mental and physical challenges, discovering what employers want and learning how to stand out from the crowd are just some of the things students at West Nottinghamshire College have been doing this week.

(lr) Gabriel Kiszelewski, Jarvis Coles and Jamie Johnson working together on a challenge set by the army

Employability and Experience Week (EMPEX) was staged specifically for students in the academic studies, public services and sport school of learning and ran from 4 to 8 May.

The college’s careers and employability team gave students tutorials about understanding what employers want from candidates at interview and gave tips on developing interview skills. Help with preparing a strong CV was provided as well as how to identify their unique selling points on job applications.

The Students’ Union staged a mock election game to give students an insight into the general election and the voting process, while the sports development team gave learners wishing to embark on a sporting career an insight into their specialist roles in an educational setting.

Teamwork, leadership and communication skills were challenged by the British Army Outreach Team who set a range of mental and physical challenges for students to try.

Army careers advisors were on hand to speak to students about the range of jobs within the army including drivers, ammunition technicians, nurses and musicians.

St John Ambulance delivered a basic first aid course which covered topics such as how to treat burns and scalds, chest pains, choking, resuscitation training, how to deal with severe bleeding and shock. Every student who participated was given a certificate of achievement.

Eighteen-year-old public services student Paige Dowsett said: “This week I’ve learnt lots about team work skills and how to get a job done properly by working closely together.

“The ice breaker session was great and it helped our confidence levels. It was helpful to mix with other students who we don’t usually see.

“My career aim is to work in the police service for a few years then join the army as a medical technician.  I’m a volunteer police cadet at the moment and I was in the sea cadets for seven years so I am used to the discipline needed in these areas.”