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Posted: 27/03/15

Liam’s got ‘mortar’ show

A Sutton teenager from West Nottinghamshire College is in competitive spirit having just scooped second place at a regional bricklaying competition.

Liam Jones with Phil Hodgkinson, president of The Guild of Bricklayers

Eighteen-year-old Liam Jones came second in the seniors Guild of Bricklayers’ regional competition which was held at Chesterfield College on Wednesday (18 March).

The Level 2 Brickwork Diploma student competed with other students from Central College, Chesterfield College, Burton and South Derbyshire College, Boston College and Stevenson College.

During the timed competition, Liam was challenged to produce a complex masonry structure with additional features.

Tutor Andy Wass said: “Liam was truly outstanding, just as he was last year when he competed in the Guild of Bricklayers’ junior section.

“We’re very proud that he’s representing the college once again and we’re looking forward to seeing his confidence and skills shine again at April’s SkillBuild regional competitions, which we’re hosting at our building and construction campus.”