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Posted: 25/03/15

Students ready to Rock Enrol!

Students at West Nottinghamshire College are proving they are active citizens over the coming weeks in the lead up to the general election.

  • Getting their voice heard - students at West Nottinghamshire College's Derby Road campus
  • Interactive media students Christopher Morrelland Savinnah Quelcuti register to vote watched by Students' Union president Will Jordan

The Students’ Union are busy pulling out all the stops across all college campuses to get students engaged in the Active Citizens FE (ACFE) Rock Enrol campaign which is the government’s new individual registration system.

The system allows and encourages online registration from age 16 in readiness to participate in elections from age 18. This system no longer operates on the basis of the head of the household completing registration paperwork, so college-age students are empowered to register themselves to vote.

President of the Students’ Union, Will Jordan, said: “We’ve already had quite a few students sign up already at our campaign desk where we’re helping students to sign up online.  We’d like to see 400 or more sign up between now and the 20 April deadline.”

Two students who were registering yesterday online (24 March) were interactive media students Christopher Morrell, 17, and Savinnah Quelcuti, 16.

Christopher said: “I’ve registered online today. Voting is a chance for us to get our voice heard. It’s our future at the end of the day and we should all aim to be involved in our future.”

Savinnah said: “This is an opportunity to get young people thinking about how things can change in the future – especially on the employment front. Getting your vote heard in the future can affect everything from employment to education to general society.”

The Students’ Union will continue to liaise with students during the Rock Enrol campaign and will be followed up by a campaign lunch next week, while more online registration sessions will be staged and students can win the chance of a free election breakfast by taking a screenshot of their online registration.